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A Monument to the Risen: Emotional Labor, Intimacy and the Spaces of Sex Work

“A Monument to the Risen”, consists of a large-scale installation based on a series of interviews with sex workers, exploring the idea of performative emotionality, emotional labor and the cultural production of sexuality. This project examines how sex workers construct their identities in and out of sex work, their relationship to cultural expectations, and how […]

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48 Hours in Las Vegas

Teaming with the Downtown Project and, students from the inaugural class of Duke’s MFA in Experimental and Documentary Art spent Spring Break in Vegas – but not like how you’d imagine. Instead, these students were given the opportunity to create work about the fascinating contradictions that make up the city of Las Vegas. Each […]

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Auto Erotic Ethnography

Auto Erotic Ethnography As artists, we are taught to observe and reflect; we draw the negative spaces between shapes, tracing them out of the air, acting out the signifiers of visual desire while sublimating our own. We document each experience and installation with exacting attention or studied nonchalance. We subscribe to the idea that the […]

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Speaking to Las Vegas in the Language of Las Vegas

SPEAKING TO LAS VEGAS IN THE LANGAGE OF LAS VEGAS For this piece, I chose to mimic an everyday activity on the Las Vegas Strip – I recreated the act of passing out “Hooker cards”, the advertisements for illegal prostitution that are distributed on the Las Vegas Strip. I created my own hooker cards, rented […]

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